Samuel & Jocelyn Tecson

Samuel and Jocelyn Tecson are LoveHut’s father-daughter duo. With three generations of photographers and musicians in the family, their love for capturing the moments is almost innate. It is their hope through LoveHut Photo Booth, you and your loved ones can snap precious, fun-filled moments with high quality photographs you will treasure forever.


Our Why

These days we live in a fast paced world where everything is instant. Photos are taken so easily just by using any smartphone. Posts can get immediately done, and sharing them is fast blazed too. Wouldn't it be nice to actually hold and cherish a printed strip of photo? Put it on the fridge, your monitor, or desk and have a constant reminder of that fun event spent with loved ones.  Keep one for yourself or even hand it out as keepsakes for your guests. Call us for your next event. We'll help rekindle that nostalgia of having printed photos in such a modern world and print them out instantaneously for you, your loved ones, and yes, all of your guests.